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What We Do


Fan Art

A collection of works I've made of other VTubers. Art by me.


Custom Commissions

Make custom VTuber merch for your channel or stream using your art.

Samples of my work


By VTubers for VTubers. Get started making merch today!

Keychains \ Lightstick Film \ Stickers \ Perler Pins

Let's work together !


For business inquiries, fill the form below or email me at

Terms and Conditions

  • You must have Commercial License to the artwork

  • You must have the artist's permission to use their art for merch

  • The VTuber or character portrayed is yours or under the agency you work for

  • Do not resell any of our products

  • Crediting Neon Shrine or Mirynth is appreciated, but not required

  • Neon Shrine has the right to refuse a project without any justification

  • Payment through PayPal, in american dollars (USD) only. Production will begin once full payment is received

  • Refunds only available if work on your commission has not started or cannot be fulfilled

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